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Great question.  When I first got started in my career, I had never even heard of a podcast, little did I know that this relatively new media channel would go on to define my career.  The one thing I do love about podcasts is that it gives every individual and brand a chance to tell their story, with their unique tone.  How we say things matters so much and podcasts lets the audience hear your message the way you meant to convey it. 


I was working in the newsroom of NJ 101.5 - FM in Trenton.  The station was looking for ways to transition into digital.  I suggested taking our 'First News' program, which aired 5 am, and converting that into a podcast.  The 20-minute broadcast is still going strong to this day delivering the day's top stories to New Jerseyians nationwide. 

Nearly 4 years after my radio career started, I was hired by the Wall Street Journal Radio network.  There I produced and hosted some of our most popular products like the Tech News Briefing and Your Money Matters.  I went on to create two great podcast series, Getting Married and Getting Hired.  And I helped several WSJ staff members launch their own podcast series.  After leaving Dow Jones I created the PodUp Podcast focused on the industry, produced and co-hosted The Hilarie Barsky Show, and have had the pleasure to teach podcast fundamentals at The Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference, DC Podfest, Podfest Multimedia Expo, the Princeton Public Library, Podability, Philly Podcast Meetup, and the International Association of Audio Information Services conference (IAAIS). 


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I am proud to serve the community as The Podcast Consultant. In this role, I help clients launch, edit, produce, publish, promote, and profit from their podcasting venture. I assist clients through one-on-one coaching sessions, conducting podcast audits, and serving as the podcast producer on nearly three dozen shows that produce regular content. To date, I have helped podcasters deliver over 10 million downloads to the public. I am also the host of Causepods, highlighting podcasters around the world who use this medium to raise awareness for good causes. I am also the host of Podcast Me Anything, a weekly AMA for all things podcasting.

Podcasting is a fun and effective way to create media that can be personal and intimate.  I promise to work with you to determine if a podcast is right for you and if so, how we can most effectively convey your message.  From there, we'll help you record and then share your story with the world.

I am also very proud to have served as the Head of Content for podToPod.com.  The go-to resource for all things podcasting.  The site features news about the podcasting industry, advice, tools, and a directory of podcast services you might need in your podcast production.  Including podcast hosting, podcast courses, and a podcast studio.   I also spent one year representing podcasters as an Independent Sales Agent for True Native Media. In this role, I helped brands tap into podcasting audiences through podcast ad sales.  


I currently live in Cherry Hill, NJ with my incredible wife Brooke and our amazing twin children Hailey and Hunter.