Why podcasting

Make Your Voice Heard

Podcasting provides you with the opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a direct, intimate, and fun way.  It allows your brand’s voice, including tone and inflection, to be heard exactly how you intended.  Listeners typically engage wearing earbuds or in their car, which means you are making a personal and uninterrupted connection.  And it allows you to connect with customers, clients, and other thought leaders in a conversational way while building up your brand authority. 


Get ready to


We can design the right equipment package to fit your unique demand and budget. 



With over 10 years experience in audio engineering, podcast production, on-air performance, digital marketing, web content management, and more, we are ready to help you create your own podcast.  We'll help you record the audio, edit the content, boost the production value and get you published on all of the major platforms like iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.  Contact us today to arrange a phone and/or in-person meeting to learn more about all of the services we offer and how we can help you start podcasting. 


Getting Started

We'll start by creating a format for your show, identifying production elements, selecting the right hosting solution, and provide basic media training.   

We will also help you determine and set up all the equipment and software for your needs, teach the key players how to use them, discuss best practices for recording, conduct practice interviews, and be on site for the first live production.  If you prefer, we can also locate professional studio space or bring our mobile studio to you. 


Editing – We listen to every second of your podcast to ensure you get a final product that sounds clean and professional.   That means we remove most ums, long silence, heavy breathing, background noise (when possible), and other unprofessional noises.  In some cases, editing these out creates an artificial feel and we aim to make your audio sound as conversational and authentic as possible.  We also remove any content that you specifically request be eliminated. 

Processing – Normalizing levels, compressing interview, hiss reduction, and equalization. 

Production – Adding production elements such as voiceover and music elements.     

Metadata – Tagging audio file with episode title, artist (brand name), album (show name) and description.    

Publish – Publish your final audio file (MP3, 192Kbps, 44100 Hz, 16 bit, constant) to your desired hosting solution, and sharing links, embed codes, and description. 


Since we listen to your content so closely, we also offer additional digital marketing solutions that can include suggested social media language, Clammrs (audio promotional tool), promotional images, blog posts, email newsletter content, etc. 

Live Event Recording/Streaming

Enhance your podcast project by producing it in front of a live audience or by streaming it on social media.  This is an excellent way to engage with your fans and build lifelong connections. 


Having a transcript of your final product can be a valuable asset.  We can arrange to have a full transcription provided to use for SEO purposes, comprehensive show notes, thorough record keeping, or any other use. 

Website Management

We can build a separate podcast website or simply help you upload the content to your existing site on a regular basis. 

Media Training/Consulting

We're going to make sure you have an amazing product when your podcast launches, but we are happy to work with you more to provide media training to improve on-air performance, discuss alternative revenue streams, adding new shows, and more. 


Since everyone's needs are a little bit different, we promise to create a custom production package that meets all of your unique needs and fits within your budget.  Contact us today to arrange a phone and/or in-person meeting to learn more about all of the services we offer and how we can help you start podcasting.