I reached out to Mathew to improve all facets of my podcast.  Mathew displayed a broad background in podcasting and we went over many phenomena including the format, intros, titling, length, technical issues, equipment, software, website arrangement and content, social media, and ways to ensure downloading the podcast is without issue, amongst numerous other areas to improve.  The session was super comprehensive, we dug into my podcast, and I got many of my questions thoroughly.  I barely know Mathew, and our relationship began over my podcast audit, but I can tell he actually cares and he definitely knows the podcasting world!  He can see a passion project and using his years of knowledge in the podcasting arena he was to provide insight on how to improve.  I basically saved many days of research and much trial and error by using Mathew Passy’s podcast audit service.  

- Scott Davidson, The Living Adaptive Podcast

The Best
— Patrick O'Shaughnessy, Invest Like the Best

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Mathew Passy is fantastic
— Michael Batnick, Animal Spirits

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