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Podcasting is the place for effective brand marketing and advertisements. With podcasts, you get an engaged, educated, and affluent audience that is ready to spend on products and services. 

Buy Ads on Podcasts with Global Recognition

You will have access to podcasts from global brands like CNN and the NBA, and be able to choose from dozens of shows, with the list growing every single day. 

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CNN Podcasts

CNN is the most trusted name in news. In late 2015, CNN rebooted their podcast efforts and is now offering on-demand content as well as original podcasts like 'The Axe Files with David Axelrod, Boss Files w/ Poppy Harlow, and The Daily DC that attract more than 7 million unique listeners. 

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NBA Podcasts

Podcasts from the NBA include news, analysis, and commentary from top personalities and NBA staff.  Shows like The Starters and the NBA's Hangtime attract more than one million unique listeners


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