EP.03 - The True Impact of Podcast Reviews [AUDIO]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

OK, it wasn't that long ago but at some point in the history of podcast production, someone espoused the idea that reviews and ratings played a key role in your podcasts ranking within the iTunes store. That is simply not true. 

The real formula for iTunes rankings was cracked by Rob Walch of Libsyn and a few others. You can hear all about it in this episode of The Feed

That being said, ratings and reviews do a play a key role in podcast discovery. The same way ratings play a key role in many of the decisions we make as consumers. Ratings are everywhere. We rate products, movies, restaurants, services, medical providers, hell we even rate each other in some less than scrupulous dating/social networks. 

The truth is we love to hear from other people that they enjoyed something, had some success with it, or got treated well.  The same is true with your podcast.  People may not be paying to access your content with money, but they are investing their time, and in some cases precious storage space on a mobile device. So make sure your actual fans are rating and reviewing your podcast. That's really important word-of-mouth marketing. Just don't be fooled into thinking it is going to change your ranking in the iTunes store. 

Also, don't stress about your ranking in the iTunes store when you are starting out. If you put out great content and target the right people, you'll build a viable audience. 

Since we stress the importance of ratings and reviews, check out our first video with instructions on how to rate and review shows in the iTunes store